More rejections, Critique Welcomed

So after a little absence, I have come back and worked on a range of logos, varied designs or some based off of one to experiment with what could possibly work. After taking advice from valued members on this forum and also the evato support team.

It was suggested that I keep track of the popular and latest approved items, which is what I have done. I have noticed the recent range of items has been with line-based or geometrical and with this, in mind, I have aimed my designs to suit this genre.

I have recently uploaded four, with three already rejected (hard) and one if I’m honest I’m waiting to be rejected as this seems to be the normality for me still.

But as always having some critique always helps.

hi i am rather liking all these , though i think that there are some things that u can improve. To be honest the one i like the most is the third one. If u ask me , i am suspecting however that lines will be too thin for here when it comes to to the first and third logos. They are looking very professional and punchy if u ask me , especially the third one which also looks a bit more outstanding too. I am more "skeptical about the second one … the spacing seems to be reworked in this case and as u are not using caps the letter either seem not to imbricate well and the tagline seems to be mispositioned I think that the Big C instead of Big L is not working , this is neither aesthetic not making much sense in my view. Finally this logo is too detailed according to me and is thus very unlikely to make it as such. For the colorful version this is even worse as this is creating even more a feeling of a “crammed environment”

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Many thanks for the constructive feedback, your critique always helps and is very encouraging. I had another rejected the other day, I have been working constantly on ideas that I have been getting and rough sketching them on paper before the idea is gone lol. Here was the latest rejection:

hi indeed this is interesting though as such it was very unlikely to make it here … actually the typo part is definitely too simple and flat for a place like this where typo is really prevailing. We may discuss this idea of a really prominent part given to typo - as this is one of the things that customer can “play with” to personalize the logo according to their tastes - but the fact of the matter is that this place is working like this and that u have to deal with some quality control things if u wanna have your item approved. So this implies that u introduce more originality and font combinations to the table. Besides, the tagline is particularly flat if u ask me …
Apart from this i tend to believe that the color combination is not the most attractive one that u may have had …, this is clearly contrasting which is good , on the other hand aesthetically speaking - even if it makes sense otherwise - this is not really punchy in a general way. I personally think that choosing some more colorful and complementary colors would be a good idea indeed

if u have enough clues as regard to your rejection pls check the “solution” box, thanks :slight_smile: