More proof AdRev is becoming the standard.


I have a buddy who is in the video production industry. He told me about his most recent AdRev claim on his YouTube channel. Since the forum rules forbids us to talk about other music libraries, I’ll call it KT. This library has been the standard library for big broadcast media companies for many years. He said the AdRev claim came under the library’s name. Looks like this is the direction things are going. The leaders are on board. The more this happens, the less surprising these claims will become. Let’s protect our music!


Funny how at the same time just yesterday I got an Email from another library, let’s call it NNM which asked its authors to either remove AdRev registered tracks from their marketplace or from Content ID because some of NNM’s major clients were unhappy :smiley: Well, if even KT officially teamed up with AdRev, it actually says a lot. But, honestly, AdRev’s list of signed artists and companies was impressive enough as it was…


No surprise here. Even Bergersen is using AdRev since quite some time. I’m glad I joined, helps to pay the bills. :smile: