more information of products please

I was looking to purchase “Planet Earth - Sunrise Series”, however I hesitated and stopped because I can’t find any tutorials anywhere to see if this will work with my project. Does the purchase come with full tutorials?
I also noticed that you need to purchase “Optical Flares” with this product. I can’t find any product called “Optical Flares”. I even clicked on the link on the “Planet Earth - Sunrise Series” page and it took me to a page full of products that were not “Planet Earth - Sunrise Series”.

Any help would be gratefully received.

You’re best speaking to Motion Ape, the author of the item… there’s an email box on the right hand side of their profile page:

Although, be aware that Optical Flares is a plugin for Adobe After Effects (which you’ll also need to work with the project) by VideoCopilot, which you can see here…

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