More Information: Batch Sales Reversals.

It can’t be downloaded since the system automatically detects frauds and locks out accounts and reverses sales. Unless the system has an error ( what happened with backlogs recently ) there is no chance of getting that item. The moment you click buy with a fake account you get locked out.

Think it from a different perspective. There are legitimate buyers that get locked out by the system due to small suspicious events. The system is effective, and very sensitive. So stop stressing mate! You’ll get gray hair :laughing:

Ok that part i do not understand or you dont me. If i create an account buy a theme download it and issue a dispute and gety slae reversed. You can lock up my account but i got the file for free. Or i dont see something?

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If you do that, you ask for a dispute with a payment gate, they’re are gonna send you back to Envato to solve your issues internally. So you really don’t win anything. Cases that get approved without being solved internally are so tiny I actually only heard of a very few, in a long long time :slight_smile:

Interesting since we had like 5 in last 3 weeks. + couple of olders. The sale reversals are unusualy higher then a while a go. 3 of them in last 10 days that i checked were … sale 10 minutes reversal.

And if you can buy a theme and 10 min later reverse it, that sensetive system is easily tricked.

You see the updated statement in 10 minutes, it actually happens instantly mate! It gets processed, logged, saved, and then shown to you and processed in your account.

If you look on the forums, for example, when a buyer accidentally gets locked out due to the system sensitivity. All of them say the same thing. “I clicked pay, it said processing, and I got locked out”

When that happens, it does show a sale for you, but then it reverses if the issue isn’t resolved. If it’s fraud, it’s directly reversed.

Understand now? :slight_smile:

Got it. Then there is an issue because there are quite a few of those latley. :slight_smile:

Glad we’re on the same page. I can assure you absolutely any financial issues are of the highest priority and Envato is always, and I repeat always on top of them and constantly improving and upgrading them for their and our benefit! And you feedback and questions are valued and if I don’t pass them on, you can be sure @matthewcoxy and @KingDog are always on the forums, and always see them. Most of the times I raise a concern to them they’ve already seen it and they are already on it!

Cheers mate, and thanks for being awesome and asking until we could be on the same page! :slight_smile:

Well you are the first one in quite some time to really stick it to the end :slight_smile:

There are still many concernes about recent features and products that for example brought our sales down 30% already and i cant wait for some kind of status report on all concernes.

To be honest future is grim and we are preparing to slowly abandon envato. Recent changes and activities are just not what we signed for, we are a company with employees that grew on envato and know its killing us slowly. Will see and thank you!

Hi guys.

A second, much smaller batch of reversals will be processed later on today. Authors likely to be affected by this have been notified by email, but we’ll continue using this thread to keep all information and queries in the one spot.

This is the second part of the batch processed on October 19th, and affects a small number of accounts where the initial reversal failed.

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I’ve got two sales reversals today in a row. Strange thing is that names from both credit notes are almost the same spam names like “sdfjsldf” etc. I’ve opened support ticket about this asking for checking is this all regular as it seems strange to me. @BenLeong @matthewcoxy if you’re interested to see issue - ticket number is 639188