More hard reject songs as normal?



Hey guys,

I have now 4 hard rejected tracks in a row. Rock, corporate, cinematic… feels like audiojungle is “full” and they don’t want to take more songs. Someone the same problem with submissions?


hm, okay. Seems like im the only one :confused:


It’s all different stages of frustration. I get tracks accepted without trouble but then they don’t get any sales at all! :slight_smile:


@PaulGraves there must be a lot of stages. Yesterday - hard reject, today - hard reject. Last sale was 10 days ago. Last approved track was 20 (!) days ago. Now this new waiting time of 14 days for uploaded tracks :frowning:


Well… may be you leave some links here? So we can check this out.

p.s. I do not have such problem. Yet. :wink:


As TitanSlayer suggests, it’s a good idea to put up links to couple of rejected tracks and ask for feedback/advice.






I am not corporate/inspiring guy so I will talk about your cinematic one.

The intro is a bit too long from my side, this is the first mistake in your track. I would cut a half of it.
Second, the solo guitar is nice, but it is initiate challenge between video and audio. Audio should not take a really huge role. Of course there is some exceptions, but I currently speak about mainstream (to make sure your files will be accepted here). Read this article carefully, I am sure it will help :wink:
Last one, the solo guitar sounds “middish”. May be you should work with EQ and Exciters a bit, or may be you should completly switch to other VST (or if you use real guitar try to fix something in it). There is also problem with sustain guitar - try to make it panoramic in stereo, to get more space in track. Right now I hear them in the middle.

So, as a result, you should work a little bit with cinematic structre, may be listen more cinematic/trailer tracks. Try to up your skills in mixing and mastering.

But! This is really nice track which I personally like, I catched the idea of track, so only you need to do is evolve your skills.

Hope it makes sense.
Best regards


I play a real guitar :slight_smile: mix/mastering is my biggest problem i think. Thanks for your feedback. I try it with your tips


For the corporate track I think there is just not enough going on to keep the listener’s interest, particularly with drums/percussion and the bass drum doesn’t sound right - needs to be more of a low thud and less tinny. It’s all a bit bare and repetitive. The string sounds are rather artificial (they are definitely picky about this on AJ!). If you listen to approved corporate tracks, although they generally keep rolling through the same chord changes, there’s a sense of shape to the structure. The changes in your track sound a bit random in places.

Only my opinion though, and I’ve not done much in the corporate line myself.


I will work on it. Thanks Paul


@TitanSlayer @PaulGraves …complete revised: new lead git, cancel 30 seconds, new drums, new violins, new mix… better now?


A nice composition and the structure works much better than before, so definitely moving in the right direction! I’d suggest doing some more work on the EQ for the strings in the first section as they do sound rather tinny. Drum fill at 34s needs to be louder and overall the drums lack a bit of punch - I’d suggest playing around with EQ and compression for this. Nice solo but for my taste the guitar sound sound could be a bit less overdriven/compressed (this style of solo is often recorded with less overdrive then you’d expect to help it cut through the mix) and I think a touch of stereo delay on the guitar would really open up the sound and give it more of an epic feel.

Only my personal opinion of course but I hope this is helpful and good luck with getting it accepted!


Thanks for your feedback and some positive words :stuck_out_tongue: i think, i need new speakers. Seems like the 70$ logitech are not the best for recording :smiley:


Hey LeChuckz,

It it definitely better than first one.
I am agree with @PaulGraves. Nuff said :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your time and help, guys!!