More fun facts, please


I love the idea of having “fun facts” displayed at the authors dashboard. The thing is there are so few facts. Can’t that be changed very easily?

Dear Envato Team, if you are looking for fun facts, how about these:

-Your last buyer is from “country”
-There are “number” Envato members in “authors city or country”
-You are the “number” member from “authors country”
-Your sale rank from “authors country”
-Today, a year ago “something happened, like: first item approval, first sale, hit a milestone, got a badge…”
-Most Envato Members from “authors country” are from “city”
-“the authors item which” performed the best in the last month
-You received a total of “number” comments on Envato
-you had a total of “number” trending items
-most of your customers are from “country”

My English is not so good, but I think you can understand what I mean :slight_smile: I guess that you want some facts not to be made public, but I’m sure there are more facts you could share :slight_smile:

What about you, other authors? Do you have more ideas for fun facts?

-most of your customers are from "country"

yay, thank you Envato for giving that Fun Fact (now to be found under “Earnings”) :grinning:


I think it is very cool to ask for this improvements. Hope envato listen to them. I would suggest envato fun facts to tell us things like which of our items have best exposure, how many times a day i check the dashboard or how long remain in it


it will be awesome!