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I’ve created a new website where you can vote on - or submit links to - your own (or someone elses) best tracks. Now you can all join in the fun!

There has been a lot of discussion about how the hottest new tracks on Audiojungle can get more attention the first few days after approval. With so many approved submissions every day, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. The search methods provided here are constantly improving, but relies heavily on “objective data” likes sales or post-purchase ratings. Not all great tracks get noticed! Therefore, there’s always a gap between “new” and “top selling” in which even top quality items quickly risk to remain unseen and unheard. I aim to bridge that gap somehow by adding “subjective data” to the table. The ability to “rate” without having to “buy”, so to speak. We all know when a track is golden and deserves more attention - if we can share it with the world I think we should!

Register to vote and submit your favourite tracks here:

What it is:
It’s basically a vote-based Top 10 that only includes uploads from the last 90 days. The goal is to make it easy for buyers to find the cream of the crop while it’s still hot, steaming and fresh.

What it isn’t:
It’s not another “voting war” or blatant self-promotion. Only Envato users can vote, and votes are limited to 3 per account, keeping it as “real” as possible.

I have pre-populated the Top 10 with tracks from the AJ “Top New Files” to show you how it works, but once you submit your own tracks (or someone else’s) only the 10 tracks with the highest votes will show.

Feel free to register, submit hot tracks and vote! I’ll be continuously working on improving functionality and design, so please don’t hesitate to comment, complain or give feedback. If we can figure this one out together, we’ll help in making high quality item exposure more efficient, which means increasing sales potential for everyone.

Cheers and GOOD LUCK :sunglasses:


Will you add more tracks to the site?

Let’s say our track “Inspired” is relatively new ( released about a month ago), and made 169 sales, can it be considered as a “hot” to be there?

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Hi AudioTrend! The object of the site is that YOU submit the tracks. I will not act as an intermediary, the system is automated. So as long as your track is not older than 90 days and gets more votes than the others, you’re in :sunglasses:

Hello @Stockwaves! Nice idea, submitted some of my items. Keep this thread up. :wink:

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Hi @Stockwaves!
Very interesting! Let’s try and see what exposure we will achieve!
Just submitted my few best selling items.

Thank you!

Thanks for this initiative, StockWaves. Unfortunately I’m not able to register. I keep getting this message:

“Unfortunately, something went wrong when checking for the banner on your profile page. Please try again.”

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Hi James! I can see that you’ve obviously done everything right, let me check my code for bugs :wink:

4 users registered successfully before you just now, so it could possibly be something extraordinary going on.

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Did you register with your exact AJ username? It should be “jamesvmusic” (without the quotation marks").

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Yep. Used JamesVMusic. Could it be that I changed my username 7 months ago and it used to be JamesV511?

I’ll try again anyway.

EDIT: it worked, but I had to use lowercase - jamesvmusic

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Ah OK thanks for catching that! I’ll add automatic lowercase translation to the code now.

Now how does one submit tracks to this site? :slight_smile:

Click Vote, login and enter the URL to the item in the field :wink:

So does this mean I can enter my own tracks, or is that not allowed? :slight_smile:

Seems a bit restrictive if you have to have a banner for your site on our profile pages, to either submit or vote.

You are supposed to enter your own tracks! You can vote for them yourself too if you wish. Needless to say, if everyone only votes for themselves every track will only get 1 vote each, so… either start a fan club or simply make someone else happy by voting on their track ;). Everybody has 3 votes each.

In the end this is not simply a bulletin board for recent tracks, but also a chance to promote items that actually deserve it. Your own, or others!

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Ah OK, thanks!

One last question - can we remove the profile banner after registration?

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Nice idea stockwaves, referral-tastic even! :slight_smile: In my excitement I uploaded 2 recent tracks, if that’s a bit greedy, then feel free to delete one :slight_smile:

I want it to be restrictive in the sense that not just anyone can vote (i.e. bots or all your facebook friends) - this is a scaled-down b2b effort and not like for instance SoundCloud or YouTube where “spamming likes” is the name of the game.

About the banner, my thinking was that it verified users having an Envato account, and that it would serve to bring more attention to the Top 10 (which is its ultimate purpose, to gain visibility). But if having a banner on your profile is a dealbreaker, I could as well offer an alternative (like an invisible banner).

You can always simply remove the banner after registration.

Good question - yes you can :sunglasses:

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Woops! Just realised I can only vote for 3 tracks. Need to decide which are the best to promote!

EDIT: the page crashed and now I can’t log in anymore…