More detail and specific soft rejection

Recently the soft rejection is becoming more tough and less predictable .

“Soft Reject” - There is a small lack in item and reviewer will guide or give specific rejection cause but now this type rejection is given . How can this be the soft rejection reason? If any item does not cross threshold level isn’t it hard rejected?

A theme is built on specific design but this rejection means do your job again. This rejection cause is more confusing . The most terrible thing is that after have such so called “Soft Rejection” , Hard Rejection is given.

I understand that theme is reviewed within one day , but a soft rejection can not be that.
I request reviewers the give hard rejection rather than this robotic , unclear soft rejection, and if you give soft rejection guide user by giving screenshot about the issue .


I too got 4 times soft rejected for this same reason. From my experience what I know is this type of reason is for your design quality and you will need to improve your Typography, alignment and spacing, color scheme etc. I made above changes and now they have started giving me soft rejections with coding issues. Lets hope my item will be approved soon and all the best to you too :slight_smile: