more 2 days queue my template card business :(

My screen:


URGENT, help me thanks :slight_smile:

Regards to all.

Help in what? We cant fast-forward the time.

I problem time not come my email if approvech or rejected :frowning: I wait 2 days more, do u understand me?

I wait 24 days for wordpress theme … what strange is in 2 days :slight_smile:

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Mmmm… I too almost 3 days

I wait more 3 days :frowning: but nothing help me!


Three days isn’t too concerning. I know the review status page says two days for print templates, but that’s the average over the last seven days… plus it’s the weekend… and it’s Easter weekend which might contribute to things.

Be patient, I’m sure they will be reviewed in due course.

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Many thanks, I understand :slight_smile:


My friend! I do not know how long it goes consideration of other files, but consideration is music month (((it has an attempt on motivation!


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@lbbeats music more 13 days but my designs print on graphicriver 2 days :slight_smile: I think reviews are break easter now.

It can be, but for of music it lasts 2-3 months

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I understand it but I not know why it’s 2-3 month :wink: