monthly subscription

I found some music I liked it was $16 to buy but only $34 for a monthly plain so I decided to go monthly as it seemed better value however now I am under the monthly pain I cannot find the music, so I take it not everything is available under a subscription. Can anyone confirm this ?

this was the song is not

After you bought subscription you can download music only from music category.

Yes that’s true not everything is available under a subscription

Envato have two platform

  1. Envato Elements you can download every thing from there by purchasing monthly or yearly subscrioption.
  2. Envato Market Here is no subscription Envato Market have some platform like Themeforest, Audiojungle, Codecanyon, Videohive Etc. You have to purchase Envato market item separately here is no subscription.

Only some of Envato Market Item are exist on Envato Elements.
Hope you understand.
Do you have any other question?


You’ve been played by an unscrupulous platform that has no moral issue with deceiving their customers and stealing from their authors. But don’t feel bad, you are far from being the only one.

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