Monstrous March - Great opportunity to boost your affiliate commission


Hey All,
Quick note to let you know that our first major sales event of the year launches today! Some have called it the ‘little brother’ of Cyber Monday but we like to call it ‘Monstrous March’ and this time we are adding in a sneaky surprise!*.

Campaign dates: Thursday 8th March - Thursday 15th March.

What’s on offer?
Over 1,000 items from 3 huge marketplaces on Envato Market available at 40% off:

  • ThemeForest
  • CodeCanyon
  • VideoHive

*Watch out for the last 48 hours of the campaign when we’ll be adding bonus deals from some of our elite ThemeForest authors. We’ll be in touch with more information closer to the time of release.

What can I do to prepare for this?
We want you to succeed, so we are allowing you access to the full item lists included in the campaign so you can prepare content, blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts, telegrams, messages in bottles - THE WORKS!

Will there be creatives to help us support this?
Download the campaign banners here.
Please send your campaign traffic to Website Templates from ThemeForest.

Any questions, email the team directly -

Let’s make it rain!
Envato Affiliate Team

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How to find item of particular sub categories? if, I want to find only shopify or OpenCart theme from eCommerce category.

Here, have not available any sub categories for find particular item in March marketing campaign.
For example : Ecommerce > OpenCart, Ecommerce > Shopify, HTML > Admin, HTML > Retail, etc…

Here, Customer will not easily find item which want it. So, I think, You need to add sub-category there. otherwise add filter for find perfect item from this campaign. Hope, You are understand our query. and will any action for that soon.

There is a small issue in the landing page :

On opening this page, and then clicking on “Code & Plugins”, the screen does not change. It would seem to the end user that the button is not working. The reality is that the button is working and it takes 2-3 seconds for the results to come up. I think you should show a message or a loader indicating that results are coming up. Otherwise many users may think that the button is not working and may simply exit.

I do not quite understand what is happening, maybe I missed something in the conditions of the sales event. But help me, please, to understand what I have to do.

You have chosen my item and automatically reduced the price of my project from $43 to $25, but did not even include it on the sales page -
So, should I go out of the event sales and return the price back on my own? Or is it just a technical failure and my item will appear there soon?

Thank you.
Best Regards,

UPD: Solved. Thank you!


What is the logic you list the items in Monstrous March promo? Can I add my items to this promo as well?

Was there any announcement in Envato Forum about upcoming Monstrous March before?

Can I add my affiliate username to the url : ?

For example :

Thanks, I will make this suggestion to the design team, makes sense to me!

Hey, thanks for your query
The answer is yes by adding, ?ref=yourusername this will track any qualifying new customer referrals. To be on the safe side you can send me the link and I’d be happy to check


I have redesigned the Chinese version for Chinese users, this design does not make people think this site does not belong to Envato. The hyperlink also points to

Because the Chinese people’s English ability is very poor, and nearly 70% of the population only knows Chinese, I hope they can also enjoy this discount.
I list the “Chinese” among them here

精選1000件商品 Featured 1000 products
40% discount
三月份精選優惠 March Special Offer

The meaning is the same as in English. Is this a violation of the rules?