Monster Truck Flyer "Hard Rejection" Can you see why?

This was rejected within a day of being uploaded I’m thinking there must be something very wrong with it, can you point me in the right direction. Cheers.

hi first of all this is not bad indeed, though u have many issues to deal with in my view

the title does not look well centered it looks like u have more space om the right and thus us thing loses in terms of harmony … and in addition, the logo is too close from edges in both sides anyways … i suspect the back m to be in the safety zone, which is a major print preparation mistake indeed and which is impacting the harmony as well

there is something very unlikely in what u have done, this is that in most cases, these kind of events imply a series of sponsor and neither did u place fake ones , which maybe be ok (as not demanded in a way) but the bigger problem is that u did not really dedicate any space so that people can do …
there is a major problem with your official logo zone too. Not only are u not sure that the space u set for people to use is suitable - if they have a logo with an illustration it will be very hard for them to put their logo in this area without the whole lay out of this part is collapsing - but , let’s face it , in addition, the logo is far from popping out , when, obviously , people are likely to have their logo seen and even more if possible , they would rather have it outstanding …

this is a smaller detail as there is nothing shocking about it, in this case, but this is strange to understand how u ave been aligning texts right next to “your logo” it seems to me that this would be a much better choice indeed to choose to flag text on the right for the left side and on the left for the right side and to make sure that the text does not completely look like a block on the right and has nothing to do in the other side, if u know what i mean …

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Cheers mate I will rectify this, but if you type monster truck flyer into Google I’m No 2 on page 1 because I have sold loads on my other platform with 100% rating. I suppose GR get a lot of these so they can be more piccy.:wink:

if u are in niche this is normal … standards here are higher than anywhere else too … this does not mean that items are not good and cannot be sold …

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feel free to use what i told u or not if u feel like i helped pls check the box for solution making … as fro me i tried as i could to help u but i understand that this is ok for u somewhere else with this item as such …

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I’m just confused as to why you decided to use a Lego truck and not a real one.

Also, I don’t mean to call you out, but I see this on “the other platform”, and it has no reviews/rating.