Mono theme help!

I have a few questions how to edit this theme and have emailed support but no response. I am sure it is an easy thing!

  1. How to I edit the product pictures to squares?
  2. on the product pages a small square appears like someone needs to click it but I want it gone.
  3. How do I add social media icons and links on the home page
  4. I have a product that has many varients and they show on shopify but the product page does not show them in the theme??

Any help is VERY appreciated!

As it may sound, it’s easy, the item support is being provided by the item author. As stated, if you have already contacted for the help, just wait for a while ( make sure you have active support period )

Apart from that, don’t forget to check the documentation/ FAQ / support website ( authors, if there’s any ) there may be some information