Money withdrawn from account, yet we never received it.

Hello everyone. We are posting this in hope someone has already faced a similar issue and can help us understand what is going on, as we are not getting any clarification from Envato support so far.

Money (quite a lot of money, I must say) from our account was withdrawn, but has never made it to our bank. Even more, neither our bank can see it anywhere coming. I should say that it usually can be seen within an hour.

Yet when we view withdrawals history from our account, this withdrawal is parked as processed. All the banking details are correct and haven’t changed for a while, yet still we checked again to make sure everything is fine. Now we are 100 percent sure this is not a banking issue, this has been verified with our bank too.

We have been trying to get any clarification for Envato support, yet so far we we only received requests to be patient and wait.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this previously? We would be very thankful if you shared any details. Also we still wait for Envato team to help us.

Thanks to everyone!

Can’t believe it, but Envato is still silent. No trace of money and we do not even know what happened.

Guys from financial department, are you there???

If you haven’t done so already, please open a Help Ticket. We’re not able to address account issues here in the forums, but the Help Team will direct you to the right people.


Thanks for response, but we’ve done this right away and no response so far, no details, no clarification, nothing. Writing here in forums was a desperate move in hope to drive some attention to the issue. Hope on your understanding and assistance.

Thank you!