Money was taken. Order not processed.

I just ordered Wowonder Social Media Script. Money was taken from my account but the purchase page said declined and my order was not processed to allow me to download and use this script.

There may be an issue with the payment and it may be refunded already. Before contacting the PayPal, contact Envato for the support ( It may take 1-2 working days )

It was not refunded and we really needed to get this script up today.

The only thing I know for sure, you won’t be able to solve it today. You can try purchasing it again and if you’re successful, you can save the day and deal with the “refund issue” later.

You could use credit card instead of PP, for better results.

It only allows PayPal processing. I will look and see what I can do. Thanks for your help.

Give another try with PayPal then but as said, if it’s urgent, if it’s not you could wait couple of days to resolve your issue as it won’t be fast.

I bought Big-boom from Magento but its not working on word press and they confirmed this. instead of giving me a refund they are telling me to buy there second product that cost more than what I have already spent. are they genuine?

Magento version is not gonna work on WordPress. As a buyer, it’s your responsibility to purchase the “correct” version of the item, therefor neither the author or Envato is entitled to accept the refund as it’s stated clearly on the terms.

You will have to buy the “correct” version of the item.

@smedwin6 Please contact author. How to contact an author is explained here.