Money did not reach my bank account

I have a merchant account and I am selling a software project. I received a message with my profits from Envato, but the money has not reached my bank account yet. How can I communicate with everyone? Transfer support here to know the details.


Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


If it’s Payoneer, it’s taking a little bit longer than usual. Which method did you use to get paid?

Certainly. Today 22th Feb, I received my first earnings from Envato Elements through Payoneer.

Transfer banking

Have you received the email " We have sent your money " from Envato?

the problem is urgent,
the letter arrived on the 16th, the date of receipt of funds is indicated in the letter until February 19, but on February 22 the money has not yet arrived.
so it was Payoneer