Money Back Subscription



I have purchased a suscription yearly to envato where i think that i could download any theme of Themeforest, but I can’t. This is only for any themes. Then i don’t want this subscription. I want money back. I have written two tickets but envato don’t answer. I need solution!!


Is this the suport link you tried?

When did you open the tickets?


Elements is separate than Envato Market and not all the items on Envato Market are available on Elements. But there are still plenty to choose from. Here’s the current list of All available Items just use search functionality at top.
Also you can go direct:
WordPress themes and WordPress Plugins and HTML Template

If you have any query contact Elements support (link provided above ) and let them know. They will be happy to help.



Yes, this is link. I have open the tickets today and yesterday.


Yes but I did not know that Elements is separate than Envato Market and not all the items on Envato Market are available on Elements. I thought that yes. I haved cancelled my subscription but i want money back.The support don’t answer my tickets.


It can easily take a couple of days if they are busy to get a response.

However these are the only people who can help with this


A week has passed and they have not responded yet. I have written 3 tickets and nothing. I think that if they don’t respond I will return the payment from my bank in a few days because they are ignoring to me.


While no one here can accurately comment on status of tickets - be aware that if you dispute the payment then you entire account (not just this purchase) will be blocked until resolved


I haven’t problem. If they were professionals they would respond to me and i would haven’t that return payment, but they are irresponsible. 3 TICKETS!!! ONE WEEK!! NO RESPONSE!!!


I’m in a similar situation. Wanted stock footage off of Videohive, and saw the banner up top for $16/monthly unlimited downloads, went with the annual subscription of $198. Turns out none of my selected clips on Videohive are offered with my subscription, because it is Envato Elements and NOT Marketplace.

This is very confusing, misleading and I believe borderline a scam.

I want my money back. I have cancelled my service immediately giving the reason I thought this was Marketplace. Started a ticket, and now waiting on it to be resolved.

I’m very disappointed in how they trick you into subscribing for the wrong platform?!?