Monetizing Facebook & Instagram Through Tunecore? — Think Again

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If you have your ear to the ground of the music world you’ve likely heard the news that Tunecore has just launched a service that monetizes Facebook & Instagram. Before you run to sign up however, I thought I’d post a little info to save some potential messy situations:

After reading though all of the terms and services, I realized that it’s not just simply monetization of videos (a la AdRev style) that Tunecore is offering, they are actually creating a sub licensing agreement and collecting a fee while distributing 80% to the rights holder.

With Facebook monetization, Facebook and Instagram users will also be able to search for and find artists’ music through audio library features, and use it to create and share personal moments on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

So as you can see, while Tunecore in and of itself is not a direct competitor of AJ, this PART of Tunecore would make it so, and unfortunately for those here, will not make this service compatible. While it’s being publicized as a “monetizing” feature, it’s much broader than the traditional sense of the word. So far, there is also no way to “clear a video” or opt out of the library feature, making it completely incompatible with AudioJungle (understand I am not any official voice here, though the situation seems pretty clear to me).

I just wanted to post my findings as I know how difficult navigating this new era of music rights can be, and hope it is helpful for others as well :slight_smile:


Thanks Tim for sharing )

Thanks for the heads up Tim.

To be fair, there was sort of the same issue with ContentID at the beginning. Registered tracks were added to the Youtube free library. Then they offered the opt-out option. Maybe it will evolve there as well.

Supposedly, AdRev has been a Facebook copyright management partner for some time, but I’ve never seen anything Facebook related pop up in their reports.

@TimMcMorris Any update or change on this? CD Baby is now offering this option too. It does seem to be confusing with the “monetization” language (like AdRev) vs. licensing agreements. I imagine this CD Baby addition is in conflict with AJ-exclusive items as well? Thanks for the help!

Update: I’m talking with CD Baby now, and they are saying it is more like the Content ID service AdRev. At least through CD Baby it is. It’s Facebook’s separate Content ID service. I’ll shall continue to inquire further.


Thanx for the Tip, Tim! :beers:

Thanks for the warning Tim,
Besides that, i’m not a huge fan of Tunecore since they have terms that are much worse then CDBABY for example.

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Good news from CD Baby:

Hi Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

Facebook monetization works exactly like the YouTube Content ID, it is not sync-licensing.
If you opt in, it means that videos on Facebook that contain your music in them will get monetized with by ads.

CD Baby has partnered with Facebook to monetize your music across the still-dominant social media platform, plus Instagram and Oculus. If you’re an independent artist, label, or songwriter, CD Baby has got you covered so you’ll earn money for your music’s usage on for all three of those platforms.

Hmm, I wonder if this is the same with DistroKid…

No, so far DistroKid doesn’t opt you in to ContentID automatically. You can choose whether You want them to collect Youtube money, and/or to include your track in Instagram (Music in Stories), and Facebook products.

Is there anyone that has received any royalties from Instagram or Facebook yet? And what music distributor do you have? Distrokid anyone?