Mogrt Change Font in Adobe Premiere Pro

Does anyone (author or buyer) solve how to change fonts in .mogrt title files that are already installed in Premiere Pro?

As of right now, there is no way to change the font of a Mogrt file inside of After Effects. The only way to change the font is to import it back into After Effects, and then export again as a modified Mogrt for use within Premiere.

Because of the confusion this is causing, I’ve created a tutorial on this exact topic. Hopefully font updates are something that Adobe implements in future software releases.

Thanks Tyson i’m testing something and probably if i made it work, i will create first native .mogrt item with full support, including changing titles, styles, colors, align etc… directly in Premiere Pro, without using After Effects.
I don’t want to spread anything till it’s done, maybe i’m wrong but i doubt.
P.S. You will be the first who will review it :slight_smile: it’s not a script or anything…

Next version will support font change in mogrt templates


This sounds interesting Misel and I am very interested in how you want to solve this problem, but as Santosh has pointed out, the next release will include the option to at least change the font, so maybe your time spend on a self-made solution will not be rewarded :confused:

Nevertheless, I’d love to see your approach :slight_smile:

I’m still working, the solutios is already implemented in Adobe Premiere but no one ever mention it from some reason. As i say if i finish it you will see.

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Good to know! I figured it had to be very close to being implemented, but wasn’t quite sure when. Thanks for the link!