Modules Not Working

I am having several problems getting the modules in the Fitness Zone theme to work. This is my latest problem.

Code built into the module:
[dt_sc_team_one name=“Stephen Matthew” role=“Gymnastics Instructor” image=“” twitter="#" facebook="#" google="#" button_text=“Ask a Question” button_link="#" phone_no="+(41) 20 324 2211" /]

My Edit:
[dt_sc_team_one name=“Lorenzo Johnson” role=“Certified Personal Trainer” image="" twitter="#" facebook="#" instagram="#" button_text=“Ask a Question” button_link=“ phone_no="+(41) 20 324 2211" /]

As seen on, the button disappears all together and the link does not work and forwards to the profile but loops back to the homepage which has happened with other modules also,