Modular CMS using Codeignite has been rejected

I want to know why my project has been rejected. if somebody explains me I am greatfull to you. The link to my project I have changed a lot in the script. Reviewer has listed two changes

  1. No Inline style. (I have moved the inline style to external stylesheet)
  2. Replace Old Library to new( I have changed jquery to latest versions)

If reviewer stated about Inline style or replacing jQuery with latest, it seems like you’ve got a SoftReject, if I am not wrong.

So I would suggest you to resubmit the item after you’ve fixed all related issues that reviewer mentioned.

Yes first it was soft rejected.I have changed it and resubmitted the code still it was hard rejected without any reviews. Shall I go ahead and resubmit the project.Reviewer will not disqualify my item

I resubmitted the code . it was rejected within an hour without any reviews. How can I change the code without any reviews?

Resubmitting HardRejected item is not good idea. If you do that often Envato will block your profile.

Please try to make another item instead of working on this. It’s always better to work on a new item when you get Hard reject,