Modernist themplate - is this a virus

Hi everyone,

First time I’m getting a froblem with themplate can you please advice what to do if the instalation cant be finnished and the zip file odf themplate Modernist cant be sent via e-mail. Does it mean it virus

I try to enter purchase code to eveanto customer service it searching but nothing happens. What to do?
Any tips are welcome.

It’s highly unlikely esp from such a reputable and respected author.

You can contact them here

FYI - Gmail now has some anti - .JS file extensions which are treated as viruses. Given that all WP themes will have .JS files included I would imagine it has something to do with this

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nice one there charlie. how long have you been here in the envato comm…

Thanks (hoping I am right! :wink: )

I’ve been on envato for 7 years and a MOD in these forums for about 3 of those.

wow… that’s a bunch of experience i’m chatting with… so what exactly do you sell?

I am not an author so don’t sell my own stuff here (although work in a similar industry in the real world).

I have bought a lot of items (into thousands) from different marketplaces over the years so pretty familiar with how things work, but there are many other authors and buyers here who have been around a lot longer than I have, not to mention some seriously talented individuals.

I have made some great friends and learnt more from people and items here than I did in my degree; but to be honest, after the unhealthy amount of time and money I spent on the marketplaces and forums, I reckon envato just felt sorry for me and like they had to make me a MOD! That’s about right @KingDog @matthewcoxy isn’t it?! :slight_smile:


Oh gosh it was awful. He was a complete basket case. It was difficult to watch. He pleaded with us to be a Mod. It was definitely him, doing the pleading, it definitely wasn’t us or anything…


We found Charlie cold and alone on our doorstep.

I would have left him there but I only have the one door :wink:


In my defence… becoming a MOD = TimTams, so there’s not much of a decision to be made really!

p.s. @Ligbris - apologies for taking your thread off-topic. I am quietly confident that your issue is a Gmail bug but if you follow the link to chat to @UmbrellaStudios they will be able to help.


As of now in Google Email you can’t send zip files directly as an attachement. you have to upload it in your google drive and then share it.

if its a virus then when uploading in google it will notify you.

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thanks charlie4282 for your explanation it helps.

To be fair @varunsridharan solution sounds just as, if not more viable than mine.

Either way it does seem like it’s a Gmail issue of some sort more than anything

You’re not an author?! That’s you off my Christmas list.

And hold on, you got Tim Tams?! I never got Tim Tams… I’m going to write to my local MP. I thought we just got the car and the laptop… I should have held out for the Tim Tams.



@Ligbris based on Gmail Support site ( lately they are blocking compressed files including .js scripts. So as @charlie4282 mentioned you need to upload it on Google Drive or any cloud platform. For any further help based on the theme please contact us via our support forum:

@charlie4282 Thank You for your answer.

Best Regards