Moderators please help



There is a buyer on my item’s comment area who is blackmailing and threatening me, while calling me names such as [language removed]

Please block him from commenting, as he is spamming and it is now unbearable

He wanted the update instructions for my item, but when I sent them to him, he said those are not them and then requested me to make a video, or else I’ll be “bannned”

[Removed: Calling out authors/files]


Why not remove your comment?


What do you mean?


[Removed: Not suitable for forums]

Just one example :slight_smile:


Flagged to staff who will put a stop to it.


Thank you Charlie


[Removed: Calling out authors/files]

If you have issues with a file purchased please take it up with support here as forums are not the place for it.



I told you how to update, I even offered to do it for you, but you refused to give me access

It is not my duty to make videos for you.



I am asking you this from past 3 month and you never replay with mails and nor comments , even you are deleting comments now you told me do this do that after 3 months when me commenting too much , [Removed: Calling out authors/files]


Forums are not the place for file disputes so locking up the thread.

Staff have been made aware of the thread and please take any further issues up via support.