Model Agency - RB Agency Plugin/theme

Hi there, I might have a possible client that is wanting a model agency wordpress site made. I’ve been looking online but haven’t really found anything except this one plugin called, RB Agency which is found here, I was wondering if anyone out there has used this or may have found another plugin or full theme to use for a Model/Talent Agency. It needs to be able to handle many profiles, photo galleries, search friendly, model login to edit their profiles, send out model list to studios, signup, etc. More than what a typical “portfolio” theme does.

The client wants to be able to manage the model profiles but also allow the models edit their profits as well. The RB Agency seems to do all of that but, I can’t find any solid reviews or other feedback about that author and plugin. I just would like some feedback and what you may think since this plugin cost $500.


Have looked at the demo links on this software, looks good, but couldnt see any way you can contact models directly as a viewer… seems its designed so all contact goes through the agency so is suitable for a proper agency, rather than just a models portfolio site.

Also, to be able to allow models to log in and manage their own profiles, you have to pay ANOTHER $500!.. total $1000 just to get the plugin to work the way you want.

I suppose for an existing agency, this is not a huge outlay for a fully functioning site, but if you’re just starting something up, Im sure there are may other model scripts out there for way way less…

Daihlo, thanks for the feedback, there is actually a setting in the most recent 1.8.9 build that allows you to contact the models directly (if you enable the setting), just use /contact/ after their username.

For the last release I had a limited time offer, glad to extend it to you even if you are not on my mailing list: just use password “deal”

Posted a few examples of different configurations:

I am always listening for what my clients need and rolling it into future builds. If you have something specific let me know and we can discuss.


Hey Rob,

Got any working samples of your Modelling Agency software?



Hi All!

Lots of upgrades to the RB Agency Modeling Agency Software for WordPress. Now our model layouts are fully responsive and we have added a feature to better customize the layout of our plugin to match any WordPress theme!

See full updates at: