Mockup for simple branding identity (European standard)

Hi there, I love all the mockups for the branding and identities. But it’s really hard to find one with AE5 (C5) Envelope with or without a window(left or right), A4 letterhead paper.

I’m looking for a simple mockup with:

  • AE5 / C5 envelope front, back, with window (left or right), without window
  • A4 paper front and/or back
  • Business cards (55x85) front and back

All the nonsens like pens, glasses, buttons etc. (unless it’s removable)

Hopefully someone can make a mockup with picture like effects and great layouts.
Movable, addable en removable would be awesome.

Can someone help me with this?


If you still need help with this, I can do it.
You can check my work on my profile.