Mobile view colours/images

I recently purchased the Mega Shop - WooCommerce Responsive Theme.

I’ve got the website to where I want it to be, so all good. However!

I edited the CSS to change a colour of the menus from a disgusting brown to a nice blue - and this works great on a desktop browser, and the colours remain the same when I resize the browser window to mobile sized. BUT - when I look at the website on my mobile phone, the disgusting brown is still the colour of the menus…

I’ve gone painstakingly through the CSS and find/replaced the colours, but to no avail.

Also, I’ve got an image slideshow on the desktop browser, but this disappears when you go to mobile view. How can I easily add a static image that only shows on the mobile view?



Contact with your purchase item author @TemplateMela hope they will helped!