Mobile site lost theme formatting after auto upgrade to 4.7.6

My site lost all formatting and theme on the mobile site after an auto upgrade to WP 4.7.6. Just cannot seem to fix it. Here is my site:, and I have the “Sprout & Spoon” theme by Solopine. S&S support forum is so useless, keeps getting stalled at “submit a ticket”. Appreciate any help.

Hello @aneeshasg ,

You have still outdated version of WP . Latest version is 4.8.2. Also I don’t know did you update and template? I cant find on template page updates.

Hi @aneeshasg,

If you have problems with sending a ticked to @SoloPine, please report it in their “Comments” section:

Don’t forget to log in with the account you used to purchase this theme.