Mobile Menu Issue! The menu works fine on 6 pages, won't expand on remaining 30 pages of the site.

So I am struggling with a website and I have purchased extended support for the Aslan Theme which was created by LunarTheme. I have paid for additional support and when I try to get support it takes me to Ticksy and ticksy says they are no longer a client of either LunarTheme or Envato. So that is pointless.

I need to know how to get support for this darn website ASAP! I have emailed both Lunarthems and Envato, no response. Glad I wasted the money for support that I cannot get!

So, if anyone has the skills to help me I would appreciate it!?

The mobile menu of our website created with the Aslan theme and template is not working on all of the pages. However, it does actually work on some of the pages which I have listed below.

The pages it DOES work on all have the HTML code for GXP Calendars on them interestingly enough. So the following pages basically function properly:

For the remaining 30 pages of the website the menu does not work for some reason and I cannot figure out why.

*Again, this is in mobile and tablet configurations only, it works fine on desktops.