Mobile menu is not closing when we click on any particular menu item

I purchased Reon theme.
​I have designed my one page website using the theme “Restaurant Food Cafe WordPress Theme - Reon” and in this when we take the website in a small screen, the mobile toggle menu ​ icon appears on the header and its working fine as well. When I click on that, the menu canvas comes from the left side and it stays there even if we click on any particular menu link. The menu panel on the left will go only when we click on the close button or the menu toggle icon again.

I just want to close the menu panel on the left side when I click on any particular menu link and the page scroling to that particular div. It shouldnot be there for long time until we close this panel manually.

Second issue is , when we refresh the page, a very huge logo displys with black background initially. How can I solve that? In the elementor logo item, i already set a width for that.

Hello @nawafalshafei

Please contact the author of the theme for support. They will be able to assist.

Here’s how you can do that: