Mobile Menu Cinerama Theme

On mobile the menu on the Cinerama theme covers the top half of the hero image on the homepage. Does someone know how I can either make the menu, which has a white background, transparent, or push the hero on mobile down so the menu doesn’t sit on top of it?


For any technical query about theme functionality the best process will be contact theme Author and let them know because they are best expert about their theme functionality How to Contact your purchased theme Author, theme author will be happy to assist you.


Thank you. I put in multiple support tickets for this specific issue, is the author different than that email?

This is your theme support page. You have to contact theme author through this link. Also you can use theme comments to contact them.



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So the support ticket on their site was disappearing but I finally saw it long enough for it to work and filled out a ticket but there’s no visible submit button. Am I missing something?

go to their support site there you will find at top ‘Submit a request’ click on that. it will take you to the login page at the top of login page you will find ‘Dont’t have an account? Sign up here.’ click on Sign Up and make registration then you will be able to Submit a request. Thanks

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I am logged in. That’s why it’s so odd. Also, the Submit a ticket menu items isn’t appearing on the menu - it disappears and I had to refresh the page a few times to find it and catch it before it was gone. It’s so weird. I emailed them and hope that works if I can’t actually submit it.

Also you can post Comments here and let them know that you are facing difficulties. Thanks

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Thank you for your help.