Mobile app needed

Hi there,

We have a wordpress blog that posts daily, registered members need to share everyday on facebook.

We need a mobile app - IOS/ANDROID - that will show in real time a list of members that share the articles on facebook.

The list must be with 2 columns: member name + checked if do share

The app will be private, for admin use - to see members activity - if share or not on facebook.

Is talking about a small community, the registered members are part of the team, and the admin must see in real time who share and who not share yet today`s posts on Facebook.

You can reply here or you can contact me via whatsapp or e-mail for more info and offer.

Thanks !

If you have a sensible budget (bearing in mind that user privacy will control if you can see if they ‘actually’ share or not) then you could try

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Is talk about a small community, they are employers and they need to share everyday posts.
Admin must see who is doing job or not, is simple.

The budget is not done, we wait for coders to make offer.

Envato studio allows you to put out a brief to developers to share their prices and info

I would expect a decent developer would want a couple of thosuand $ for it