Mobile and Tablet logo not changing
I’m having an issue with the logo appearing to be changed in the word press editor but when I go on a mobile device the logo is the one that came with the theme. I have deleted the theme logo from the media files and uploaded a smaller version of my logo in png format. Is the logo just to big or did I not check a box somewhere. I thought Wordpress auto sized everything to fit. This is my first attempt at Wordpress site. I’ve done plenty of HTML CSS sites I just don’t want to screw up a global variable by messing too much with the CSS or PHP files.

Hi @mattbledsoe2,

Welcome to the forums! While theme customizations are out of the scope of ThemeForest support list, you can ask theme author for help or some guidance:

If the logo is different on other pages/resolutions it may as well be caused by browser/server caching. Please try to clear your browser cache to see if it helps.