Mobera theme

I did purchased licence for VC, so I can update my Visual composer plugin, but it looks that I missing something. It is asking me for secret API key which I did not received. When I tried manually upload plugin it field. Also when I tried upload files via FTP, website stop working. Any help, please?

If the theme has VC bundled then you don’t need to buy your own copy (the one in the theme may have been modified to work with the theme in specific elements), and only need to download the latest version of the theme which will include the updated version of VC.

This said you have no buyer badge on this account and while you should contact the theme author for support you will need to login using the account which purchased the theme before they will be able to help.

Thanks Charlie. I will have to find old login details.

Just updated to Wordpress 4.7.

Mobera version of Visual Composer not compatible. Purchased VC 5.0, not compatible w/Mobera. Site is now a huge mess.