Mixing Speakers Broken - Have to mix on my headphones ,advice needed

Hi there.

Im in the fatal situation that my speakers broken completely and currently I cant afford new ones, so I have to mix on my phones. My phones is AKG K240 MKII but I really struggle when compensating different frequencies. So far I find them a bit too bassy ( from around 20-120 KHZ ) and very muddy in the range 350-2000KHZ. Its very difficult for me to eq in the mid-range because of that and often I simply cant count on what I hear in that area paticular. I also find the upper frequencies very “dark” in the phones and compensate for that too, but the sound is much sharper in that area too when playing the mix on speakers.

Have any of you got experience with mixing on these phones ( AKG K240 MKII ) and do you agree with my observations regarding frequencies compensation in paticular?. I have tried to search the net regarding the issue, but so far without any success.

Have you got any tips when mixing/ mastering on phones ( my mark in paticular ) or can you recommend any phones that create a more “true/realistic” sound?. Im very very frustrated, as it takes me almost double time to mix now and im rarely 100% satisfied with the outcome. ANY help is appreciated.

I know the best choice would be getting new speakers, but that is not an option ATM.

All the best


Have a look to this plug-in, maybe would be helpfull