Mixing and file Preview Compression

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for mixing relating to converting your mix to MP3. I feel good about my mix when I print it and again after listening to it as a WAV, but every time I listen to the MP3 bounce it feels deflated and less full. What do you do in the mixing process that keeps it alive after downgrading resolution.

In which resolution do you convert your file in mp3 ? If you convert it in 320k you should not have so many damages…Do you ?

I do for AJ but I also post on a few other sites that make the preview themselves, so I don’t have control over the converted resolution

Yeah some sites do lower resolution for preview.
But there is no really tips for this, if your mix are good it will sound quite good even low resolution. But sure it will feel deflated and less full.

you should not hear any difference in the 320 kbps file. Are you setting you limiters ceiling to 0 dB ? If you do that you might get distortion. Loss quality encoding like mp3 generates artifacts that go above the threshold. What software are you using to convert the files ? Make sure it is a good one if its not your main daw.

my limiter’s at -2dB most of the time. I think I just need more mixing practice, my last one wasn’t as bad as others have been in terms of loudness. I’ve been using Ableton and make the mp3 in Logic cause ableton doesn’t export mp3s.

I’m thinking of starting a mixing course, it’s definitely been my weakest point.

Generally speaking wave and mp3 (let’s say at least 192kbps) should sound the same. Check:

  • playback settings = all in the box volume settings like player volume and windows mixer
  • render setting

BTW Ableton 10 exports mp3 :slight_smile:

Good to know, I guess i haven’t checked since I upgraded from 9 lol. Thanks.

I’m starting to think its a perceived loudness issue. I’m not used to mixing for louder compressed mixes. I notice the most difference when they’re uploaded (to AJ and others), from how they sounded in my DAW.

All your files should sound the same in your DAW and after upload to AJ. So again if you heare the difference it might be:

  • some problem during rendering process
  • different volume levels in your DAW and Web Browser / operating system (most probably)