Mix whit reference track!

Hello guys!
I have a big problem, I do not understand how I can get to a quality to become an author on AJ!
I tried recently with a reference song but I can not even get close!
How do you think I should do it?
Here is my piano song without any effect:

And here’s the reference song on AJ:

I hope someone can help me!
Thank you !
All the best!

Well you’ve made a big step by being able to listen to your track objectively and hear how far it sounds short in comparison with tracks on AJ! It’s surprisingly difficult to do this sometimes but it really helps with the learning process.

I’d recommending putting on one side the idea of submitting tracks to audio jungle for the moment and spend a few months really learning about recording and production techniques, and practicing them. There’s loads of material available on the web on how to use DAWs, midi programming, mixing etc. etc. and it’s a learning curve we all have to go through.

Things that would help your track would include sorting out the very uneven velocities, adding some reverb, better EQ, more embellishment from other instruments etc. but it is (as you say) quite a long way off something that would be approved at the moment.

Good luck!


Great Piano playing! @MykeRoss did a pretty good job at showcasing some of East Wests stuff, maybe have a fiddle with some of them VST’s, my favorite is the Boesendorfer.

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At first glance, your track is missing reverb, low frequencies and more consistent playing that is in the reference track.

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Hello @STUDIOFA96!

Your piano playing is very good. The piano vst though you are using it doesnt do much justice to your playing. But lets take the things from the start.

There are 3 stages in the whole production of the song. Composing - Mixing - Mastering.

Your composition is good but there are a few mistakes here and there you need to quantise a few notes they sound sluggish and out of time. A little time spend on midi editor can fix that easily. Also pay attention to velocities. The most important think in music production (contrary to popular belief) isnt to sound “real” but to sound good.

Now in mixing stage. You can compare the 2 songs and make adjustments using the Levels plugin from MasteringTheMix. That way you can make an informed decission on how to make your mix similar to the reference track.

Also in the mastering stage there is a beautiful (although very cpu hungry) plugin from MasteringTheMix too called reference.

If you want check my blogs, you can find some helpful suggestions for plugins and libraries there that can help you in your production process: https://www.ig-music.com/blog/

Hope i helped :slight_smile:


Hello guys and thank you very much for your time and advice!
I will listen to the advice, I will take it from zero with all : composition, arrangement, mix, master, eq.
I will learn about each one in the next time.
But I can not understand how I get to that quality.
What should be used: eq, reverb, compression?
I tried to transpose my melody to reach low frequencies like in the reference song but I can not make it sound so nice and warm!
I hope that in the future I will be able to do this well!
Thanks and all the best!

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what i have noticed first in the reference song was the overwhelming warm tambre and the gold tipp you can achieve that by using saturation in mixing and mastering stage. You should ask the author wich saturator he is using. I personally can recommend highly “Softube’s” Saturation Knob. ( Its a free HQ VST ) :slight_smile:

All the best!

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@STUDIOFA96 @BeachVibes To add to the free plugs list to help your mixing/mastering:


I’d definitely recommend some nice reverb and saturation. Secondly, always making sure you’re solid on your fundamental EQ and compression techniques is key.

I hope this helped in at least a small way. Nice playing, and best of luck!

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@SongFireMusic, @BeachVibes
Hello guys!
Thank you very much for your opinion!
I have seriously learn the basic techniques for eq and compression!
I will take your advice into consideration and try to apply the saturation!
Thank you again and I hope I will do a better job in the future!
All the best!

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@PaulGraves ,@OvertSounds,@KORDS,@SongFireMusic,@IG-MUSIC , @BeachVibes

Hello guys !
I’m back! Do you think my mix sounds better now?
If not, where did I go wrong?
All the best!

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The emotion is wonderful ! Massive improvement’s, think about how much you learned doing this? Keep at it man, the roads not that long :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much !
I hope this piece is accepted, I will work a bit on the arrangement!
I hope the mix is ​​fine!

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