Misunderstanding with double content reject and upload block

Some time ago i received several hard rejects with this comment
"This is a variation of the previously approved item, so we cannot accept it separately. You may add it to that submission, if you like, via the Edit tab."

This files were oneshots from my already approved packs, and one of support members told me that i can upload all my packs as oneshots without any problem. Same answer i got here.

So i thought that it is just a formality to get an approve.
But after few rejects my account become blocked for upload.

“You currently can’t access the Item Upload page because your upload rights for audiojungle.net have been revoked. You need to contact Help Team to get them reinstated.”

My rejected files are not really matter for now. The thing that cares me more now is how long usually this kind of block lasts? And what is the best strategy to reupload already approved sound fx packs as oneshots, when support is telling me that i will have no problem with upload and after that i anyway have a chance to have my account blocked?