Mistakenly purchased a item twice

Hello, I mistakenly purchased a flip book plugin item twice, I only want to keep one, is there a way to refund the purchase of an item?. I have left you a message by email and a comment but I did not receive an answer.

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if you haven’t downloaded the item ( one of them at least, you can request refund )

Hi @Tinacleon,

there is a solution just use the following link form to get refund for the duplicate purchase:

Just select ‘I’ve made a duplicate purchase’ in the ‘Tell us more’ field.


I downloaded the only one I needed, I opened a request but I still haven’t received any response, do you know how many days this might take?

Author should response as quickly they can. but it should within 3 business days.

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Thanks, it’s done. I hope to get the answer as soon as possible.

Thank´s for the Info.