mistake to register

I made a mistake, instead of paying a subscription on “codecanyon.net” I paid on “elements.envato.com” because both sites look the same.
What can be done to solve this problem ?
Username : milonade


Open a Envato Element Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.
Hope your issue will be solved.


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Thank you for your replay,
and I would be refunded to be able to subscribe to codecanyon.net or at least they switch my subscription on codecanyon.net

Envato Element have subscription,
But Envato Market have no subscription! Envato Market meant Themeforest,Codecanyon,Audiojungle etc
You have to purchase a single item with single license but here you will received 6 month item support, License Key etc.

I have registred for this offre : attached

But i cant download this plugin : Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress


Envato Elements provide a subscribetion base service where envato market is marketplace to sell individual Items. So, in envato market there is no subscription service. Please contact Elements support they will assist you.


You are able to download any kind of plugin that are exist on envato elements
you are not able to download anything from codecanyone

any quesiestion ?

I have found link in the top of Codecanyon, the link is redirected me to Elements without my knowledge, I thought they are talking about Codecanyon, so I want to be refunded !

Did you see like this http://prntscr.com/ndszv4 ?
this red border is Envato Elements Advertisement!

Yes that’s what I saw and there’s nothing to indicate that it’s Elements hence my mistake.
I want to be refunded so that I can buy a plugin on Codecanyon.
Plugin is : Advanced Google Maps Plugin for Wordpress by flippercode

No problem contact with support team they will help you out from your issue from here

request sent for a few hours, I’m still waiting.

Wait for their reply they will reply to you maintain their ticket queue and reply people one by one.
No worry about it.

They will answer in how many days? I still have no answer!

i hope they will reply to you inside their support schedule.

until today, still no answer is normal ?