Missing total account balance history


maybe I am missing something, but for my tax accountant, I need a possibility to view the initial and the final amount of my account balance for selected period in the statement – not just the income summary to earnings. How can I get the total account status i. e. on January 1, 2016? The “Earnings” tab on author’s dashboard is quite unusable for that purpose – it shows only actual account balance. Even the CSV table does not include such an important data and I have to check all withdrawals history and all purchases to get the right number complicated.

Is there any reason why there in the CSV table is one column with total account balance missing?

Have you checked “statement” tab? You may need to spend more time to calculate it by download all the invoices but that could help

Hi ki-themes,

thank you for your reply. I checked the statement tab at first, but there are only relative changes to the account, not the total value at the specific time (after the transaction). I downloaded the CSV spreadsheet. Last year (un)luckily, I noted total account balance to January 1, 2016. If I sum all values together, the result does not fit actual account balance to January 1, 2017. There is $6 difference for my benefit :slight_smile:. But it is not OK for my accurate accountant. Now we can’t check where the mistake is.

BTW, why have I check it myself? It must be easy for developers to add one data column. To have a summary of your account is standard service for the client trust, isn’t it?

UPDATE: Sorry, there is no difference after check. I discovered the mistake. But it would be clearer if we can view the total account balance after transaction automatically.

They will about to send you the tax forms via post. Keep your address updated