Missing style on Focuson template

Hello everyone, i’ve got some styling issue where they are not appear like before. It’s happen when the log file when the error log to big, and we delete it, but suddenly the template seem not working. Can u guys help me out to find a cause?

Link to website.


Focuson is a html template and you will not be able to install in wordpress. But if you are facing any design issues as like part of css missing then please contact Focuson Support


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In my version, it was Business WP theme and its running on WP.

I can’t find wordpress theme named ‘focuson’. may be you didn’t purchased the theme from themeforest.

As I can remember, theme Focuson was an item provided by the author ninzio, but the theme is not available anymore.

You can try to contact the author here, on the author’s page.

sorry! to say if that item not exist in the market then you will not be able to get support from the theme author. If you would like you can hire a freelancer/developer. Thanks

The author himself is shown being available for freelance work.
He must know his theme very well even if theme is not available here on TF anymore.

To contact the author should be one of the best ways to proceed.