Missing LIC # with Imprezza

Hey Admins

Someone please get some resolution rolling.

I have TWO lics for the theme Imprezza

I can contacted Imprezz and they have kicked the can to Envato saying it is your issue

HERE are the invoice numbers

(removed code) - $61.00 purchased Aug 16rh 2021

(removed code) - $61.00 purchased Jan 11th 2022

My dashboard at Imprezza only shows 1 lic now because I assume it is syncing with the new Envato account.

An account I had to create because I cannot get back into my old account because the two step auth is going off into the either and there are no other methods offered on your site to get into that account.

How do I get my old account back?

Can you turn off the two step auth at least temporarily

Why am I only seeing 1 lic number at Imprezza?

Long term and now super irate customer!


Hi @slawson6121,

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!

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