Missing Items in Order

I’m having an issue that I need some help resolving. Yesterday, I placed an order for a total of 6 items. However, when I logged in today to download those items, only 2 of the 6 items were available. The other 4 items are missing.

I double checked the order details, and the total number of items and pricing is correct for all 6 items I originally ordered. But when I go to download, I can only access 2 of those items. I’m confused about where the other 4 items have gone.

Has anyone else experienced an issue like this before? Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve it? Should I contact customer service to inquire further? Any advice is appreciated on getting access to the full 6 item order that I paid for.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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It has been reported lately some of the items are missing from the “Download” section. To be able to download it, you can just go to the item page and use “Download now” button.

And of course, contact Envato support and report the problem