Missing files

During the period of the past two month we submitted around 25 files for review. On Friday 10th however, all of these 25 files disappeared from our author dashboard, and we couldn’t find them anywhere.
It looked like they were never uploaded in the first place…
What could this mean?
Is it an error or temporary removal?

Please explain.


When rejected files, this is not reflected anywhere?

Check your e-mail

unfortunately or fortunately there are no letters

Some authors reported that there are some issues with the new upload system

All files except for a few at the end were uploaded using the old technique. With the creation of previews and photos. Let me remind you of the two months - June and July

If this thread is viewed by Envato staff, please let us know what happened with our files and reply. Thank you in advance.

As uploading to Stock Footage category has been suspended for a few weeks now, it may be that they did delete the whole Queue as well. Very unfortunate to people who dedicated time to uploading.

Take a look at the thread in the announcement section of this forum, I think you can get some answers there.

Also, just to make sure: You did check your mail spam folder, right?

There is also nothing in the spam folder