Missing files - Support is not answering

I have purchased the theme Verso. It doesn’t contain the SKETCH files but has listed them in the description. Support is not answering my request, which I think is very poor for a paid service.

I can assume that the theme contains SKETCH files, when stated in the description, right? Or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help!

This file? https://themeforest.net/item/verso-responsive-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme/20654926

Thanks for the quick reply!

It is this one from envatoelements:

I agree that it’s fair to expect it to be there if it is listed but I also think it many just be an error / the main version doesn’t include Sketch files and there is no sketch version on themeforest.

I have tried it on two other themes and they also didn’t contain sketch files, as well. I would like to cancel my membership and get a refund. Do you know how to get this done. I have little faith in the support, since it is not answering.
Thanks for your help.

I am really frustrated because I have been waiting for 48 hours now on the support. I could have found another solution… but I guess that’s my fault to trust in the description…

this is elements upport link https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000629486-Submit-a-Support-Ticket

…tried that two days ago. No response. They opened a ticket,… that was it.

unfortuantely they are the only people who can look into refunds etc.

I am sure they will come back ASAP

sure. Thanks for your support!