missing downloading activation code

Hello all of you,

I was really excited about the revolution slider plugin. So next thing is to buy one, as I am building a website, just for hobby. But now I have upload the plugin, I need to activate it. With my downloads, I can now only download one item, the plugin itself. An no longer the activation. see the image… Please help, for I want to get started!
greetings from Holland
Conny Dijkstra

It should work without the activation code but if you click the download button and there should be an option for all files inc. purchase code etc which is what you need

Hello Charlie,
Thank you for your quick support, The first time I had the option to download the other files with purchase code etc. but the second time this was gone. I will look now if I can use the slider without the activation code.
Strange things are happening! Now by itself it is activated and working!! …

So thank you, I am glad I have support. Feels good,
Kind regards,

It seems that the themepunch.support activated the code, I had openend a support ticket. As they offer support. So there where no little angels at work here…
I have asked them also about the code, so I think the best thing to do is to close this chat.
I will come back when neccesary…

Have a great ending of the year!

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