Missing download icon in "My Download"

i have a problems about “my downloads” page.

I want to download an item again but in My download page where there is a list of items there is not download icon.

Can anyone help me to understand?


Hi @nxmino!

Are you sure that your subscription hasn’t expired? You cannot download items without an active subscription, but any licenses you registered will still be valid.

Hope this helps!

Please help me !
I bought them , but confirmation link from email does not work.
" Something went wrong

It looks like something went wrong on the page you were accessing. Our development team will be notified of the issue automatically, however if you require assistance please contact the help team who will be happy to aid you.

(Quote this reference number: ‘******************************************’).

Sorry about all of this. Here’s a link back to what you were doing before this happened.
How can i donwload my theme?
Or give back money?
Please help anyone???

Heya @sel2018sel - can you please open a Help ticket and include the reference number? They’ll be able to help you with this. Thanks!

Thank you for answer!
Already, but they still not answer((((