Misleading information in the descriptions of the products sold increased

Some of the products sold do not provide correct information.
The common method used especially for add-ons is as follows;
Purchase a lifetime addon from Envato. Then pay annually to purchase the plugin’s add-ons from an external address.
I can meet the annual regular income need with understanding. So far there is no problem.
The real problems start after that.
1- The original plugin is sold at Envato for a reasonable price, while very high annual fees are charged for extra plugins.
2- Instead of adding new features to the plugin purchased from Envato, extra plugins are written for each feature.
3- Some vital features required for the original plugin cannot be used without purchasing extra plugins.
4- And most importantly, on the product introduction pages in Envato, it is not clearly stated which features can be made with the original add-on and which features can be made with extra add-ons. For this reason, the possibility of encountering bad surprises after the purchase is increasing day by day.
Envato authorities should take immediate action on this matter.
For each product sold on Envato, the features included in the price and the extras not included in the price must be clearly stated.

As far as I am aware this is misleading conduct and Envato has a zero tolerance policy against this sort of behaviour. Please report this to Envato Market Help and Support immediately!


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