Misleading Advertising - Remove this app

[Item info removed]

This is a false product announcement:

CodeCanyon you should take action immediately against this product. It is announcing iOS app and is 10% ready to use.

As per forum ToS please don’t call out authors or items.

This needs to be taken up with Envato Market Help and Support

Given that the item has a fairly good rating and comments clearly indicate significant attempts to customize features, and a mixed level of technical experience, it will be important that you provide as much evidence/info to support as possible.

@charlie4282, thanks for replying. That is exactly the point. The fairly good rating and comments are related to the PHP script and Android app. My claim here is about the iOS app. The author is offering an iOS as a full solution and I can demonstrate that the code is poorly written and it is not even close to being ready. Before buying this product, buyers need to be informed that the iOS solution is not ready. I saw many people asking about the iOS app and the author clearly affirming it is included in the package. Which is not fully true. In any case, thank you for pointing me to the correct support. Have a good day.

Upon reading the comments section for that item, I wouldn’t waste more time on this author. What a toxic person. If you can pinpoint exact issues / misleading advertising, then just contact Envato Support. And if you do not plan to use the item anymore, ask for a refund too.

I sadly have to agree. The attitude of the author is absolutely appalling and I’m personally shocked at someone who treats customers this way.

Please get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support and let them know about your current situation. I’m certain they’ll investigate the matter further!

Later Edit: After reading through the item comments reviews and seeing the insults, I personally opened a ticket (#2032271) in regards to this author. I’ve been an author here for over 11 years and I feel embarrassed by this sort of attitude with customers! @hencorreia, please do the same and open a support ticket. This matter needs to be throughly investigated.

Hello guys! Thank you for supporting me with this. Definitely, it is an absurd the author’s behavior. I will not leave this up because I trust Envato and I am a buyer here, therefore, I expect at least respect.
Yes, I have opened a ticket - 2032273 - and I have attached a video pointing out the technical issues within the code, and also screenshots of my support requests where the author simply was making fun of me.
Finally, I am a developer and I know how challenging can be to deliver a final product. However, I do believe that the advertisement needs to be clear for the buyers… And he still makes fun of people? That is not acceptable…
Find below an example of my conversation:

I will monitor this closely.
Thank you all.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have requested a refund as well :slight_smile:

Very glad you opened a ticket. Thank you. I removed your screenshot as these are private matters that are best resolved by support. I saw the exact screenshot you shared plus numerous other things that are cause for concern and an attitude that doesn’t reflect the professional behaviour expected from any author.

@Enabled oh I see… thanks for excluding the screenshot. So, the author, obviously, denied my refund request and still wrote lots of insults… Now I realized that I am dealing with a child and I regret so much that I gave my money to him. I will make a dispute right now. Thanks once again.

Take it up with envato - if you dispute the payment with your provider then your entire account will be disabled until it is resolved

Thanks for the info! I will wait Envato to react on my ticket then.

You can dispute the refund, but with Envato, not your bank. If the author already denied your refund, you should receive a link to dispute it.

Understandable. Make sure you reply to your support ticket auto-response and attach the refund request link where you were insulted. These things will not go unattended to!

Thanks for the info. I’ve received the link and raised the dispute with Envato.

Great idea! I will do that right now :grinning:

If the refund is approved your rating will be removed as well as the rating comment so think about this!

There is absolutely nothing to think about here mate. As an author here for over 11 years I am personally livid because of this sort of attitude! It’s highly unacceptable! A buyer doesn’t have to have the expertise of a developer, and even if the questions are super simple you still have to treat that buyer with the curtesy expected from a professional.

At this point, higher staff have been notified and appropriate steps will be taken. Cursing out / insulting and treating buyers with sarcasm and irony just because they’re not developers and ask basic questions (which is 100% fine and expected to happen) is absolutely never the way to go.

There is no excuse I can think of for an author to do such things. The item support policy exists specifically to give peace of mind to buyers that they can get assistance when needed and for authors that they won’t be taken advantage of. We have 2 amazing teams for both Buyer Success and Author Success teams.

And @FWDesign, you should be on the same “furious boat” with myself, as you know best how hard we struggle to get new customers and give them the best possible quality, just to have some other authors treat customers inappropriately…

In any case, @hencorreia, thanks for opening a ticket! I’ll wait on a reply on this as well!

All the best,

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I am, I treat my clients with respect and attention, what I was trying to say is that if a refund is given the rating and rating message are removed and this means that other potential buyers will not see that message, personally I think is best that the review and review message stays there for other clients to see it.

A few years back this author would have had his account closed by Envato, these days it seam that is not the case anymore, I hope Envato does something about this! Is unacceptable.

It’s exactly the same as it was back in the day. These is still considered unacceptable behaviour.

I am glad to hear this!!!

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