I have some probs here with the Total Theme i bhought lately.

  1. Even i gave the license key in wordpress of my purchase still i find on every page i do the Note that this page is build with the total theme u can purchase it here… buy button

  2. I hope i explane it the right way as it may confusing… Coz in WP when i use the WPBakery then its not the case but when i go live then there is the page sign i built visible on my page which should be hiddden. Like my main menu is lets say Moving, Services, Cleaning, Shop, Contact then there is on the page a Row wich says on the left the name of the page and on the right it says Home - Moving or for the other menus it says the other points… How can i get rid of it ? IT seems like a Parent Problem with the homepage?

3 LAst but not least. On the slider (slider revolution) i would like to put in the center a Contact Formular which should be half in the slider and half outside… How can i do that?

Would be happy if someone can help… thank you in advance


Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

How to contact any Item Author from Here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here


Perfect. Thank you… NOw i found the place for help after a 2 week no response somewhere else

if that didn’t response you then Open a Envato help ticket or Make a refund request

This is Refund request link:

and this is customer refund policy

try with that

ok. thx again but i hope i dont need to refund request as i like the theme in general actually only have to get used to it of course

you can read slider revolution documentation & visual composer
slider revolution

visual composer

hope helpful for you.

Yes it would but this is not a Premium RevSlider version as you know so we dont get access completly with no prmium support from themePunch either and for special wishes as mine i couldnt find in any tutorial or youtube anything about it but i know its possible though

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